For Creative Workers

Global Premium Routes

Focus on asia express, CN2 and relay routes with enterprise TCP acceleration, we will never use bad routes such as Linode, Vultr, DigitalOcean.

BlackSSL Acceleration

Our special Mac, iOS, Windows client brings you the best experience with BlackSSL's end-to-end enterprise-class encryption tunnel.

Team and Enterprise version

We also have team version for teams with less than 50 staff, and enterprise version with LDAP and Docker support.

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Ultra secure

We only keep info for traffic calculation and abuse detection, also using blackssl in untrusted envirenment make your data secure.

Easy to use

Using all our native client and Surge with a simple click or qrcode scan.


Your can visit our dashboard in mobile browser.

Always invite only

We provide the best services for Creative Workers from the Internet, investment, games, media industry and so on.


We have multiple professional developers to develop new features from user.

Support plan

We have free plan for excellent open source project maintainers and technical blog authors